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Meet the Founder

After more than a decade of hardship as a servant and living in a terrible environment, Eugene Ogu surrendered His life to God and knew right then that, that’s all he had. Seeing how life is back then and how people still suffer up till date He was convinced to go on a mission of HOPE for everyone with need for it.
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Watch how a radical decision led to helping life's and restoring hope to different people.

Seeing the effect of poverty and people living hard lives in extreme conditions arm of hope was born (2005) with a single focused mission to end the hardship and poverty crisis of vulnerable people in our today world.

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Eugene Ogu & Wife

Eugene Ogu is recognised as the former PFN chairman, General Overseer (Abundant Life Evangel Mission), with no academic career. Eugene believes in “Except we care, the people perish” and it was on this platform of caring for people, that the Arm of Hope Foundation thrives.