Our work

People live tough lifes everyday and every year we set aside a direct goal to work toward moving a step closer to helping those who don't think they fit in. Here are some things we are able to achieve over the years.




How We Work

We partner with experienced local organizations who build sustainable, community-owned projects around the world.

Proving Our Impact

From the start, we’ve publicly shared photos and locations for every single armofhope project. You can find some of our funded projects below.

AHF working with global communities to bring hope to the hopeless

1 Plateau State - Dogo-Nahawa Massacre

March 2010 will go on to become one of the most terrifying massacre of lives in Dogo-nahawa community of Plateau State. Many were maimed as they escaped their assailants, women were hacked down as they tried to protect their children, many were burnt in their cars and innocent children were slaughtered in their sleep and so many other horrible experiences happened in this community.

Eugene Ogu digging and laying foundation of the first secondary school in Dogo-nahawa

2 Imo State - Community Secondary School Amuzi, OBOWO L.G.A

Community Secondary School Amuzi, Ikenanzizi a in Obowo L.G.A, Imo State which as a result of ownership controvesy of the school by the Catholic Church was excluded from the government free education scheme. This brought an untold hardship to the student who had to travel to a far distance to other neighbouring communities as their parents could not afford to pay school fees for the education of their children and due to the landscape of this journey, many of the children fell victims to all sort of attacks namely rape, snake bite, molestation, just to name a few. Along the line, some of the students were killed by a hit and run vehicle on their way back from school. This incident motivated AHF a non-governmental organisation with the passion of helping the hopeless, traumatize, displaced, rejected, widows and less priviledge to adhere the plead of HRH Eze Innocent Anyanwu the ihu 1 of Ndi-ihu who requsted for support for the payment of the teachers salaries. Considering the plight for the community, AHF took over the running of the school by paying all the teacher’s salaries and providing the basic needs of the community school with all the students on scholarship since 2013 till date.

Students learning @ Community Secondary School Amuzi

Community Secondary School Amuzi, Ikenanzizi

3 This is Yenegoa

This is where the NGO experienced the real situation of the flood which was so destructive that it made one of the vehicle breakdown on the road and the journey that was supposed to be 30mins from Omoku, The president Eugene Ogu and the volunteers of AHF spent hours and got to Yenogoa by 3am in the morning. The Volunteers showed brevity all through the journey and the president was appreciative of their passion in joining him help the helpless and displaced victims of the flood. The road was not a barrier to President Eugene Ogu and the Volunteers to visit and reach out to these flood victims and help them.

Eugene Ogu and Volunteers undeterred along Bayelsa road before Mbiama on their way to Yenegoa camp

AHF Flood intervention team encounter a flooded on their way to the camps at Yenegoa

4 Ndoni Camps

Ndoni has the most populated number of flood victims with three camps for the displaced victims. The roads were flooded but the President and Volunteers managed to go on with the journey and on our arrival at the first camp, the victims where astonished to see people come to visit them with lots of relief materials not minding the location of the camp which was at the hills beside a river that shares boundary between Rivers State and Delta State. The flood victims complained of mosquitoes, no assistance from government agencies, group or individuals. Relief materials of foodstuffs, toiletries and provisions were given to the victims of the three (3) camps in Ndoni community. Clothes and cash was given to different victims of the flood for their upkeep.

Eugene Ogu addressing the crowd as they await relief materials

Widows empowerment program

See our widows empowerment program

The Next Step In Sustainability

Working with local firms to keep healthy nation flowing is critical to our mission. In October 2020, armofhope started programs with SAVE A LIFE FOUNDATION to bring awareness to people medically and promote the sense of being aware medically.