Sponsor a Community Project
100% funds your project

Our project costs vary depending on project type, geography, and local economies. On average, projects start at $10,000 and can cost $25,000 or more. Once you’ve made your gift, we’ll pair it with an appropriate project (or projects).

Project Reporting to Keep You Involved

Funding an entire project means you’ll be recognized as the official project sponsor. But it takes time. Here's what to expect over the course of the next 21+ months.

Project preparation

At the start

Program cycle begins

This field belongs to the process that can be taken to facilitate project development at arm of hope. This is usually the starting process.

Project progress

6-12 Months

Construction & evaluation

This involve the evaluation of the project procedures. Constructions is underway! All the report that happens on the field at the go. Till the construction conpletes.

Project completion

At 12-21 months

Final data collection

Final overview completion process, GPS coordinates of the completed projects and overall information of the communities you’ve served.

See an example of the completion report you'll receive when your project is finished.

Proving it on Google Maps

When projects are complete, we prove to every one with photos and GPS coordinates on Google Maps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Types of Hope Projects

We fund a variety of different hope solutions. We choose each project solution based on _ _ _ _ _ _ and _ conditions. When you sponsor a project, we’ll pair your donation with a solution of an appropriate cost. These are some of our solutions:

Drilled Wells

A drilling team drills deep into the earth to reach fresh aquifers.

School Projects

Skilled engineers and laborer's are tasked to build a place of learning.


Provision of palliatives for women who lost their husbands and have nothing.


A team repairs broken projects to restore hope and sustainability to a community.


A team reach out with food support for communities affected by crisis.

Health Care

A team reach out with medical support for communities affected by crisis.

Water Changes Everything

Sanitation and Hygiene

Access to clean water promotes handwashing. Washing your hands is the best way to prevent water related diseases.


80% of diseases in developing countries are waterborne and preventable with clean water and improved sanitation.


Millions of kids spend their days collecting water for their families or home sick with a water-related illness instead of going to school.

Women Empowerment

Women are twice as likely to walk for water. Water projects nearby can save time, and give women freedom and opportunity.

Food Security

Self-sufficient families can use water sources nearby to cook safely, clean their eating utensils and water their own gardens.

Economic Development

Every Naira invested in improved water access and sanitation yields 1,440-4,320 Naira in economic returns, depending on the region and type of project.

Transform an entire community or school with a gift of $10,000 / 3.8M Nigerian Naira or more.

Have questions about sponsoring a project? Please get in touch with our team.